O.C. Beach Replenishment Will Cost Millions!

This month’s nor’easter caused Ocean City to lose about 600,000 cubic yards of its beach, according to City Engineer Terry McGean. He said that is equal to the amount of sand in about 60,000 fully-loaded dump trucks.

McGean said the Army Corps of Engineers completed an initial survey of the beach damage over the weekend, and presented a report to the town Monday.beach-nourishment-shoreline

McGean said that in the next 60 days, crews will relocate about 50,000 cubic yards of excess sand that has since piled up in areas like around the boardwalk. That sand will be used to fill in parts of the damaged dune system.

However, according to McGean, the rest of the damaged beach will have to wait to be replenished until May. That is when crews will dredge an area off Ocean City’s coast to retrieve sand to repair the beach and accommodate a previously-scheduled periodic beach replenishment project.  Overall, 1.4 million cubic yards of sand will be replaced.

“Once we get the dunes patched up, I’ll feel very comfortable that we could withstand another storm, but again we are certainly more vulnerable than we would be if we had a full beach and dunes,” McGean said.

The total estimated cost of the replenishment in May is about $21 million, according to McGean. The town is asking the federal government to pay for half of that, with the rest coming from a city, county, and state beach replenishment fund.

Originally Reported by Steve Dorsey of WBOC

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  1. Glenn Klotz says:

    21 million here ,21 million there after a while its real $$ and it goes on forever. Or does it? Read, Dr. Orrin Pilkey’s new book “The Rising Sea” to find out just how and when this wasteful game ends.

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