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Here’s a little background on the creator & head reporter of the site.  My name is Mick Chester, I’m a year round OC Local that loves to surf, skate & have a good time. I also snowboard when we get snow around here! I am Hawaiian Built & raised on Delmarva.  I have lived in Hawaii & Coastal NorCal and SoCa,l then to Carolina Beach, NC. This is where I started my first surf report called Carolina Beach Surf Report.  I have come  back to the shore & now bring you Ocean City Surf Report. I’m fully self taught in Web Design & Development & also had my own Web Development & Hosting Company by the time I turned 16. Everything you see on the site has been either developed or put together by me from the sand up! When I’m not behind the computer working on the site, I’m in the water or out around town.

Enjoying the fresh pow in Big Bear,CA Winter 2010!

A while back when I moved back into the area from North Carolina, I noticed that Ocean City was in need of a locally run surf report that could cover all of the bases that other corporate surf reports were missing out on like local knowledge, free important features, and mostly on site reports.  Most surf reports you visit are more or less a predicted forecast.   With my report, I walk out onto the beach and give you the report live from my location, feet in the sand not hundreds of miles from the ocean like most companies do.

We have some ground breaking features that you will not find on any other site around.  Our Mobile Surf Report Broadcast is streamed to you right from the beach live from my iPhone right onto the homepage so you can get a first person view of the surf and listen to me narrate it as well.   No more checking a cam mounted on some beach house or hotel, it’s down right personal with the sand in your face! Also the TXT Me When There’s Swell feature so you can get a nice little text right on your cell whenever we get some pumping surf absolutely FREE!

Hope you enjoy my work! Look forward to hearing from you! Thanks for making Ocean City Surf Report #1!

You can also contact me directly by email at Mick@OceanCitySurfReport.com

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